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MOSTY teens, but in some cases it goes up to the 20's. People who kick it at the mall in large groups with no money. Just so they can be loud and get free samples. Then go to the back of the mall to see a fight and record it so it goes on YouTube. Then take the metro bus to someones house and stay there for really long, wearing the same clothes and not brushing their teeth. Teens who drink and smoke and post it all up on their MySpace pages and think their really cool for getting messed up and throwing up everywhere. Most of the girls are pretty much sluts up on every guy. And the guys don't even care if the girl has slept with their bestfriend, they'll still get on. Basically, all those kids you see kickin it downtown or at the mall, at the 16+ clubs, and the ones asking you for bus money.
F*** those TeenyBoppers!
by SJ_ June 11, 2009

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