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1. Liquid excretions eminating from the male sex of the human species...typically ejaculate (cum), but could also be pre-cum, sweat, pee, or other bodily fluid of manly origin. 2. Pheremone-like man scent or cologne/body-spray having sexual or sexy qualities.
"Oh my god...there is man splatter all over this frickin' dress! Or, "The sex was so hot & then I finally let go with a huge load of man splatter!" Also, "Mmmm! (inhaling through nose) even when you're gone, your man splatter stays on my mind..."
by SJ Pablo March 16, 2006
A hot dog, sausage, weiner, or other cylindrically-shaped meat based food product. So named for its resemblance in size and shape to the male penis, minus the mushroom "head" or glans-like bulbous anatomical feature at one end. Also can be abbreviated to "H.D." or "HD's" (plural) for added trendiness & urban hotness, or when uttered in public places or among mixed company.
"Are you hungry? 'Cause I'm gonna fry up some headless dicks here for us." Or, "Chet's gonna make his famous Headless Dick Fricassee for dinner tonight!" And "Can we go to Albertson's? I need to get some milk, butter, and HDs!"
by SJ Pablo March 16, 2006

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