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A country made up of 50 states and numerous territories. Revered as one of the most powerful nations with referance to innovation, military might, capitalistc ideals, and the reputation of sticking it's nose where it does not belong.

A country that fought not just for freedom of religion, thoughts, culture, speech, ideas, but also freeom of fiscal slavery by originally fighting against a private reserve bank that would control monetary policy and currency value. (Central Bank of England) Only to have an elected official sell out in order to become President by approving the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. (Woodrow Wilson)

A country who now has military bases in more than 150 countries which attempts to play World Police whenever it deems necessary in conjunction with the United Nations. With results being a One World Government or as many of it's President's have worded, a New World Order.

A country who no longer uses the supreme law of the land (The Constitution) and has replaced it with The Patriot Act and other unconstitutional laws that protect a lawless corporate elite and crooked politicians.

This country is one of the fastest paced countries toward the road of fascism being renamed as patriotism, and ignorant and soon to be eradicated populaces through eugenics, by wave of unproven medicens, vaccines, and a genocidal food quality guideline known as the Codex Alimentarius.
Bubba "Did you see the United States bombing Afghanistan on the news"?
Tyrone "No, I missed the United States bombing another country since I was watching the superbowl on my flat screen while downloading some bukkake videos that the mass media says was considered moral now".
by SIZZLLIN March 02, 2011
To get played or get sent
To be wrong about something
Yo, that bitch was supposed to get picked up at noon, after 2 hours of waitin she figured out she was salty.

1st guy Yo, 2 pac is from L.A.

2nd guy Man pac was from NYC fool!
3rd guy Yup, Pac was from the city. you salty as hell!!!
by SIZZLLIN March 02, 2011
the fee to beat up some bunson at a brothel is like $120 an hour but a 2 pump chump only needs $5 since he's done in like 2-3 minutes
Jeff- " I'm gonna beat it up baby, straight kill the badussy"

3 minutes later....

Jeff- " yeah baby you like daddy dick huh"!

Unfortunate unsatisfied woman-" get away from me. You aint nothin butta $5 dolla brotha"
by SIZZLLIN January 11, 2011
derogatory term for crip used by slobs since they typically to stupid to pronounce a C correctly.
dat slob just called me an e-ricket. lets wet this fool cuzz.
by SIZZLLIN March 05, 2011
Nasty bat like creatures that cannot live in light. Sudden exposure to light can cause an immediate explosion of the body. Krill fly in packs of thousands and are extremely carniverous. They can go through about 185lbs of human flesh and meat in about 45 seconds.
Turn on the lights people, the sun is going down and the Krill will be here soon.
by SIZZLLIN March 19, 2011
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