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10 definitions by SHP

1- A metrosexual}
Metrosexual with the word male after it.
3- Effeminate
4- Effeminacy
5- "Girlie Man"
1- See metrosexual defined
2- The combination of the two words seems to embrace the condition better.
3- See Effeminate
4- See Effeminacy
5- The Governor of California once said it, because he is against it.
by SHP April 19, 2005
1-"I just pissed in the sink. Let's go."
by SHP April 19, 2005
1- Any metrosexual male who does not have blonde hair, but dyes his hair blonde.
2- Hair that looks like someone just pissed on your head.
1-"Yeah she dating some guy that's a piss head bitch boy."
2-"Dude who pissed on your head?"
by SHP April 18, 2005