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Butterrush is a giant 70 pound girl who occupies the entire seattle rave scene at once. This giant mass of lardlard is one to be cautious around as her jelly rolls are a hazard and are known to give concussions and break bones. If she asks you if you want a lightshow calmly decline and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Last person who got a lightshow from her was violently slapped around by her wristfat and his facial features are still distorted to this day.
The founder of the modern underground rave scene in seattle has a huge crush on her but she is too fat to care.

She consumes whole restaurants in one bite.
Her wading pool is that space between california and hawaii

If you come into contact with her, get her autograph (because she is super rave famous) then run.
If butterrush wears a yellow coat, kids start climbing on her thinking they will get a ride to school.
by SHAYZ SHOW FAT! November 01, 2011

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