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A variation of the word Hoobastank spoken only during Shark Week on Discovery Channel. Spoken by assholes :)
Pat: Hey dude, watch out your gonna spill barbeque sauce everywhere!!
Diverde: What the HOOBASHARK!!!

Pat: Shut up bitch
by SHANTHEFUCKINBIRD August 07, 2010
This variation of the traditional simile face is used as a sexual innuendo to imply anything you want. Also can mean your listening to will smith on your itunes library.
Diverd: dude u hittin it up wit big bird tonight?
Shan: yeah dude, ;0
Diverd: ohhhh hoobashark


Edress: Whatcha listening to brah??/
Shan: ;0
Edress: im coming over.
by SHANTHEFUCKINBIRD October 03, 2010
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