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Misspelled variously (Flurge, Flerg, Flerj), "flirg" means "First Lady I'd rather gag," often in contrast to "milf," mom I'd like to fuck. It became popular overnight when Amy Poehler, playing Hillary's role at a SNL, used it.
Amy/ Hillary: Don't refer to me as a flirg.
America: Hillary, you're a flirg, where as Sarah is a milf, nonetheless I'd still gag her.
by SGreen September 15, 2008
Flirg is an acronym that stands for "First Lady I'd rather gag." It could be used to describe an ugly and un-bonable First Lady. Same as "flirj" but more plausible acronym.
Sarah is not just milf but a potential VPILF, but Hillary is totally flirg.
by SGreen September 16, 2008
1. mildly ludicrous, laughable, sometimes dearly, inoffensive stupid person or an act

2. a kind of sleeping pill or drug that is sedative, hypnotic, and antispasmodic and is often addictive. Examples include crystal meth, coke, heroine, LSD, magic mushroom.
A: Why is Katy wearing her panties as tiara?
B: She's such a goofball.
A. The goofball could be on goofball.
by SGreen October 07, 2009

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