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Verb. To level to the ground or absolutely destroy a person or thing to the extent where they or it is rendered useless.

Synonyms: ruin, crush, demolish, murder, kill.

This term came into the hockey chirp lexicon directly after the events of April 22, 2006 when Buffalo Sabres defenseman Brian Campbell caught Philadelphia Flyers forward R.J. Umberger breaking out of his zone with his head down at which point Umberger was laid out with a hit so big that it left him wondering what the Zamboni was doing on the ice with 8:33 left in OT.
1: "If that plug doesn't stop slashing me I'm going to umberger him."
2: "My defense partner put a guy on the trolley tracks, so I umbergered him."
3: "I wasn't paying attention crossing the road and almost got umbergered by a bus."
4: R.J.Umberger was umbergered so hard that he did not know he was umbergered right after he got umbergered.
by SGIGS May 09, 2008
The condition of being so concerned about getting a parking ticket based on where, or how, you parked your car that you can't enjoy the function that you are attending.
John, I asked you a question...
Oh, sorry, I'm preoccuparked...
by SGIGS March 24, 2011
Noun. Alternative (slang) term referring to female breasts, particularly those of the larger cup sizes.
1. "Did you see the plumps on that broad?"
2. "She's got the best plumps ever; they're so...plump."
3. "There's nothing I like more than taking my bra off after a long day and letting my plumps hang free."
by SGIGS August 16, 2009
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