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Someone obsessed with female-fronted rock bands, usually male.

Often abbreviated to "GBG," a girl-band geek is someone who prefers bands led by women over bands led by men, often to the point of critically accepting or rejecting bands solely based on the gender of their members, rather than on their talents or productions.
Terry's such a GBG that the only time he listened to Black Flag is when Kira Rosselaer played with them...
by SG Fan October 31, 2004
A mnemonic device to remember the names of the Great Lakes.

Lake <H>uron
Lake <O>ntario
Lake <M>ichigan
Lake <E>rie
Lake <S>uperior

It does not include Lake St. Clair, which is not considered a "Great Lake" despite being part of the Great Lakes system.
I can never remember the Great Lakes without thinking of HOMES lining a lake's edge.
by SG Fan November 02, 2004
On the Commodore 64, approximately 1/60th of a second, and equals one machine cycle. The timespan is the same on both NTSC and PAL models of the Commodore 64.
If I can squeeze one more jiffy out of the player-movement routine, there will be enough time to do a smooth-scroll routine before the screen refreshes.
by SG Fan October 31, 2004

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