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2 definitions by SF_82

Australian slang for testicles,originating from the inner-west area of Sydney
Awe mate I was playing footy the other day and managed to get a kick in the jizzawozza's,dropped me like a 6 foot pole......
by SF_82 October 05, 2009
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Used by two or more males to acknowledge the presence of a beautiful woman whilst in her company without her knowing that she's is being checked out.
This is handy in large group situations or out and about with friends
Sean & Kari: Hi Meaghan

Meaghan: Hi guys,did you see that show last night on tv?

Sean: Yeah I saw that,it was pretty good

Kari: Jaysus huh (gives Sean a wink)

Sean: So will you watch next weeks episode etc........
by SF_82 October 07, 2009
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