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The act of shooting a large bouncy ball, preferably a pink young girl brand (e.g. Barbie, Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony, etc.), against a brick wall in an imaginary preselected zone. There is no actual goal to shoot at due to insufficient funds. The ball should preferably be stolen.
"Yo dog wanna ball?"
"Mane I'm poor!"
"I got a Dora ball"
"Damn, let's brick ball then"
by SFB aka the hardcourt killa April 29, 2010
A wallet.

It holds dead presidents. AKA money.
Dude: Bro, I gotta buy me a new casket.
Dude 2: How did you lose it this time?
Dude: I was buyin some girl a drink at the bar and it got stolen.
by SFB aka the hardcourt killa June 27, 2010
The bank.

It holds all of your 'Dead Presidents' (Money)... (past presidents that are dead are on the face of money)

See also 'casket'.
Woman: I just had to go to the morgue today.
Friend: Aww... who died?
Woman: No,No. I just had to cash my check.
by SFB aka the hardcourt killa June 27, 2010
Verb: to die, to shut off.

The origin of this word comes from the obvious Rest In Peace. R.I.P. The acronym is replaced with the word "rip".
K: "Shit my phone."
J: "What's happened man?"
K: "I forgot to charge my phone and it totally "ripped" on me"


H:" Man I can't believe you lied about your grandpa "Rippin' "
J:"Well dude I had to get out of class"
by SFB aka the hardcourt killa May 10, 2010
Putting up a K. AKA putting up 1000 dollars in the bank.
A K means Kilo which means 1000. "Kilometer, Kilobyte"

In baseball when a person is struck out, the pitcher will receive a 'K' in the score books. They will also put up the letter 'K' on a sign usually in the outfield.

If you strike out your bank account you have put up a K which means putting 1000 dollars in your account.
Man: Man you've been working a lot.
Man2: I know but I just struck out the bank account again.
Man: I hear that, another $1000.
by SFB aka the hardcourt killa June 27, 2010
The hanging, draping, or stringing of cum on a girl's (or guy's if that is how you role) eye brow to their cheek.

Other acceptable placements.

Chin to neck, shoulder, or chest.
Eye brow to to nose or eyelash.
Nose to lip, cheek, or chin.
Girl: "Oh no, its dripping onto my chest!"
Guy: "Let it go babe. You just got a cobweb".
Girl: "I've been cobwebbed!"
by SFB aka the hardcourt killa December 05, 2011
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