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The most pathetic city in California and possibly in all of America. Here are the reasons for that:

1. There are more people who live off welfare in Fresno than people with jobs
2. Most of the citizens have a big infatuation for the Fresno State Bulldogs, who have won nearly nothing and thrive at it
3. Fresno has the pathetic gang in America called the Bulldogs, who took their name from the Fresno State Bulldogs. All of the gang members are Mexicans and have never completed high school.
4. Very unexpected temperatures. One day it could rain for 7 straight hours and the next day it would be hot as fuck.
5. Rarely would you see a well educated man/woman here. Everyone else either lives poorly making $10,000 a year or live off welfare.
6. Most of the students are obsessed with their school. I went to my schools rally a few days ago and I nearly went deaf.

7. Bad air pollution. Heat waves come by every year where people end up dying.
8. If you like listening to the radio, you should reconsider it when you're in Fresno. The only thing on the radio is Pitbull, Pitbull, and Pitbull. The reason for this is because nearly all of the Mexican girls love him.

And so on.
Me: You're just jealous because you know for a fact that both the Trojans and Gators would stomp on the Bulldogs.
Fresno Bulldogs fan: FUCK U!!!!! (runs away crying)
by SF4life October 15, 2009

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