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a pice of paper with the alphabet on it and
a load of bullshit that this skank Jackie made up...supposedly it helps her talk to spirits...
Jackie: my wigi board says im going to die..
Julia: That is a load of motherfucking bullshit
by SEXYx100 May 31, 2007
fucking psycho.
someone who never smiles or laughs unless a degrading sexual comment is made about something or someone, who always thinks they are going to die, and thinks they can talk to spirits with a wigi board,and tries to draw attention by pretending to die. see attentionwhore
Julia: oh my god did you see Jackie yesterday in health class?!? she was acting like a toal fycho
Allie: Are you kidding? she ALWAYS does that.
by SEXYx100 May 31, 2007

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