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A position in Football(or soccer in NA). Play far up the pitch and generally the highest goalscorers in the team. Types of Striker include but are not limited to:

Target Man: Someone who the other players try to 'target' with their long passes, usually because they are tall and can win a lot of headers.

Pace Merchant/Fast Striker: A quick, nimble player whose team-mates will often look to play 'in-behind' the opposition defence.

Poacher: Looks to get on the end of rebounds and deflections and generally positions himself well to score, downside is they might be quite selfish.

Many players have qualities of each type.

Target Man: Didier Drogba, Peter Crouch, Luca Toni, Jan Koller

Pace Merchant: Thierry Henry, Darren Bent, Samuel Eto'o, Robbie Keane

Poacher: Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Andrew Johnson, Michael Owen, Filippo Inzaghi
by SEAy June 05, 2007
Dirty, stinking piss, dirt and semen that collects around your bell end. Smells like out of date cheese. Commonly found on scummy chav twats and pikeys(probably).
chav 1: woah man wats dat smell, init?
chav 2: chill blud dats my bell cheese init
chav 1: woah man i got da munchies, give me saves
chav 3: give me last tokes man init
by SEAy June 05, 2007
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