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Describing the ironic situation of the FOX media corporation, which owns both FOX and FOX News.

The FOX television network is infamous for producing "morally questionable" television programs that often depict sexuality, violence, and anti-conservative themes (ie. dysfunctional families, drug use, gays/lesbians).

At the same time, the FOX News network is infamous for their blatant support of the socially conservative right wing. The right wing includes groups such as the PTC (Parents Television Council), which filed more than 95% of indecency complaints to the FCC.

This is known as the FOX paradox.
FOX TV Shows:
The Simpsons - dysfunctional family, gay characters (Smithers, Patty, Lenny/Carl)

The O.C. - dysfunctional families, lesbian characters (Marissa/Alex), drug use, sexuality

FOX News Programs:
The O'Reilly Factor - often criticizes rap artists and the liberal media for morally corrupt social values
by SE(x,y) Softie March 05, 2005
1. n. Someone who is so damn ugly, that you have no words to describe them other than using a non-existent word such as fug, which sounds nice with ugly.

2. adj. Describing a person who is a fug ugly.

Notes: Not to be confused with "fuckin' ugly".

Fugly is also an acceptable synonym.
As a noun:
1. Meet my friend, Allan Fu, more commonly known as fugly or fug ugly.

As an adjective:
2. I just saved you the cost of prescription glasses by not posting a picture of my fug ugly friend.
by SE(x,y) Softie June 23, 2004

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