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A college in North-West Washington, DC. Known for its excessive political vibe. Students here like to:

1.) Go to TDR and complain how much they hate it, yet continue to go there.

2.) Drunkenly order food from Cafe Romeo's, any chinese food (for some reason all the chinese food in DC tastes the same), or if it's a weekday go to the Eagles Nest (Which is always blaring the best music with its workers and customers dancing).

3.) Complain about how much they hate the library.

4.)Girls like to complain about how all the good guys are gay.

5.) Guys like to complain about how all the girls are ugly.

6.) Smoke shit loads of cigarettes in LA quad.

7.) Talk endlessly about shit that doesn't matter, while alienating people that have no interest in their conversation.

8.) Live in the berks, which is like the dorms, except the dorms are nicer.
"AU... it's uh... like no other."
by SdC May 24, 2005
The abbreviation for Hacker Network, a community of people who probably won't help you break into your fiance's hotmail.
I hopped over to HN and got flamed for being a noob.
by SDC April 21, 2003

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