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3 definitions by SC_HICK_69

Typically a southern (US) term. When in high school, and a group of male and female friends decide to go skinny dipping at the lake, invariably the most endowed male member of the group will walk up and down the bank, whilst his donkey schlong sways to and fro, searching for the optimal spot to enter the water, thereby flaunting his manhood to both male and female members of the group.
At the lake on Saturday night, Sally cheerleader fell in love when she saw Tim, the football team’s quarter back and bank walker, swinging his man meat while looking for a place to dive in.
by SC_HICK_69 May 13, 2010
A common delusion, typically in older males, where their supposed sexual exploits are recounted time and again, often increasing in detail and sexual content with each retelling, typically much to the dismay of the lister. Known to occur occasionally in gender confused females.
Jon: Walter really has a lot of stories about his exploits with European women when he was a tour guide in Iran.

Bob: Ha! Iranian tour guide? Were all those babes touring nuke plants and terrorist training camps?

Jon: Yeah, I guess poor old Wally really just has a bad case of penagination as well as halitosis.

Bob: Wonder if he weighed 300 pounds back then too?
by SC_HICK_69 June 08, 2010
A term used to express one's concern that a member of the same sex may have intimate feelings for you.
John: I can't believe that Joe made that comment comparing his feeling for Bob leaving the company to a man’s feelings about his his ex-wife.

Bob: Dude, me neither, I think he’s queer for my gear!

Kristen: You better tell him that if he’s queer for your gear, it’s not going to happen.
by SC_HICK_69 March 17, 2011