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3 definitions by SCHiBER

To act in an overly sexual manner for a long duration of time for no real purpose. Other than annoying all who are around you.
"If you don't come back here with my shoe, I'm gonna have to come back here wearing ONLY a shoe!" -This behavior is a textbook example of schmittzing.
by SCHiBER February 13, 2005
23 4
Of or pertaining to, Victor Frankenstein's monster from the book of the same title.
The gigantic handprints on the corpse would have struck me as frankenesque, if they hadn't been on the corpse's penis.
by SCHiBER February 13, 2005
6 0
That bulge in your pants caused by the zipper in one's jeans. Unfortunately, it too often looks like the wearer has a boner.
They say, "Where there is smoke, there is fire", but a thirteen-inch conscriptum isn't fooling anyone.
by SCHiBER February 13, 2005
4 0