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A person who has just heard bad news and then rushes to the nearest wall and places thier back to it and slides down as they weep and scream.
I was watching maury povich show and after he told Shawanda that the 8th man tested was NOT the father, she ran backstage and turned into a wall slider.
by sbd February 20, 2006
A more extreme version of a Wall Slider except they fall to the floor with thier nose buried into the ground.
Ashley was 150% sure that dante was the father of her baby. After Maury annouced that he was NOT. She ran backstage and fell to her knees and put her nose into the ground as she cried. CLOSE THOSE LEGS FOR 5 MINUTES AND YOU WONT BE A Floor Sniffer.
by sbd February 20, 2006
The art of having sexual intercourse in a very violent and aerobic manor.
Boy am I sore! Me and pam portwood did some Power Fucking last night.
by SBD March 27, 2005
Past tense of Thinks.
Look at that douchebag in my rear view mirror. He hit the gas extra hard at the stop light because he just HAD to be in front of me. He THOUGHT!
by SBD March 27, 2005
When you need sleepy.
I'm Tired and I don't feel like doing shit. The windows open and it's raining. It's Nappy Time.
by SBD March 27, 2005
You say this when someone gives away the ending of a movie.
Hey, watching star trek 2 huh? Too bad spock dies.
by SBD March 27, 2005
A matted down stripe of hair on the top of your head that comes as a result of wearing a headset used to play online games for hours and hours.
Look at the Socom Doo on that guy. He either just got off of work at the drive thru or he's been playing socom all night.
by SBD March 27, 2005
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