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A music genre which fuses gothic meladies, heavy metal, rock, pop, glam, melodic tunes and beautiful lyrics created by ville valo lead singer of H.I.M.
HIM's fourth album was justly titled 'Love Metal'
by Sarah January 01, 2004
A word no one understands because it's always used out of context.
1: Hey! Want to go to the movies later on?
2: Maybe.
1: Come on you'll have fun!
by Sarah April 29, 2004
An awsome songwriter of the 70's. Very good looking when he was younger too. He was once married to Carly Simon.
Goodnight you moonlight ladies
Rockabye sweet baby james
Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose
Won’t you let me go down in my dreams
And rockabye sweet baby james
by Sarah December 25, 2004
nobody can compete with this man
so fucking hot
and beautiful
by sarah December 22, 2004
Blond bitch with NO TALENT WHATSOEVER. Very, very overrated. Doesn't even write her own friggin' songs. Can't sing. Sounds like a nasal Lindsay Lohan. Can't act either. (does lots of sighing). Somewhat chubby. Big slut. (she stole Joel) Fug as hell. Resembles a blond toad. Song lyrics are very cheap and shallow. (eg. 'my blond hair is everywhere!')
Fan base consists of arsey under-thirteen girls.
by Sarah February 21, 2005
1) Actually typing with one hand.

2) Maturbating while using an online chat program.

Can also be: typing one-handed, a one-handed typist, etc
Pat was typing with one hand last night while you were talking to him. I think he might be gay.
by Sarah March 21, 2004
like espionage, but with lesbians
right, whores, time for so lesbianage
by sarah November 14, 2003

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