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Hottest charry of all time. Really, a angst char that goes though rough times. Also goes into a mode called SEED or berserker mode.
Kira Yamato from Gundam SEED is very angsty
by Sara October 24, 2004
Derived from be-yotch, slang for bitch. A male bitch.
"I can't believe that guy stole my hat, what a he-yotch!"
by Sara June 08, 2005
a guy that people all hate just because he cheated on his wife.
get it through your fucking head, morons. --;
even if bill clinton cheated on his wife, how did that effect our country?
by sara March 27, 2005
to hook up; to make out
i heard those two were canodeling at aaron's haloween party~~Mean Girls
by Sara January 22, 2005
Hard nipples
Origin Concord, Ca
I'm so cold, I've got harples
by Sara January 07, 2005
a usually round cloth used to be placed onto Jewish people's heads. Orthdox Jews wear them 24-7, while conservative or reformed Jews may only wear them occasionally, like on Shabbos.
Michoeli Goldstein wore a blue yamacha, or a kippa.
by sara April 23, 2005
a friend; someone you can trust; a buddy
My first-class jubbies are Briana, Erika, and Gillian
by Sara March 27, 2005
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