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A small "Uh" which is unexpectedly released whilst bending over.
"Well when he bent over he made this funny noise!"

"Oh my god, that's the dad noise!"
by Sara December 13, 2004
The feeling of extreme persecution that results from the knowledge that somewhere, someone disagrees with you.
Gah! People in Europe have slightly different priorities from me! Danger! Danger!
by Sara April 03, 2005
Smoking, mainly tobacco. When smokers hunch over to light up it looks as if they're performing a service on a small being cupped in their hands. Thus, blowing the elf.

The phrase blowing the elf was coined by a highschool student sick of assholes blowing smoke in her face.
"Dude, don't blow the elf around me, it smells."
by Sara March 30, 2005
A person who is sooooo ugly they need a plastic bag over their head while a guy is screwing them and at the end they are suffocatied and killed.
Poor Julia has died due to suffocation with a plastic bag....=p
by Sara February 04, 2005
it's a slang expression. litteraly: women, bullets, and guns
it was a night full of twists, slugs, and roscoes
by sara May 23, 2004
eye drops specially formulated to combat thud dry eyes as a result of staring at the gorgeous countenance of teh groban.
1. marlee coined the phrase "grobie drops" to heal sara's dried out josh staring eyes.

2. ouch my eyes damn thats hot. pass the grobie drops!
by sara April 14, 2005
a guy that people all hate just because he cheated on his wife.
get it through your fucking head, morons. --;
even if bill clinton cheated on his wife, how did that effect our country?
by sara March 27, 2005

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