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99 definitions by SARA

slang for my bitch or bee-atch
hey Ma'Bizzle, where you at??
by Sara February 09, 2005
1. To be fronting, somewhat like a poser
2. To be acting like a stunna or stunner
"and I be stuntin like my daddy, stuntin' like my daddy...
I'm the-- young stunna, stuntin' like my daddy"
--Lil Wayne ("Stunting Like My Daddy")
by Sara June 18, 2006
A little blonde bastard who now, has my nine year old sister fingering herself at his cd cover.
Me: Jesse McCartney's on T.V. Hayley
Hayley: I'll be upstairs in my room

(Mind you she is nine fucking years old)
by Sara March 27, 2005
It's when you go into freazing water and you dick shrivels up...
John and I went to the river and it was so cold i got river dick...
by Sara April 05, 2005
someone who has an extremely large fear of anal sex.
Get the hell away from me I'm an analsexophobic!!!!
by Sara February 15, 2005
calling someone to give them a reality slap
ugh i cant stand hansel
i know right riding in on that scooter like hes so cool
and the way he does his hair i mean ex-squeeze me but has he ever heard of styling gel?
im sure hansels heard of styling gel hes a male model
ugh earth to brent i was making a joke...
as heard in zoolander
by Sara October 23, 2004
most of the people on this site truly have no idea what preppy is. preppy is a way of life, a style, a feeling. it is NOT Abercrombie and Fitch or AE. Not classy enough.
Westfield, New Jersey
by sara March 11, 2005