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,a word originated in italy within a group of kids,now half the school uses the term.zerbin is a word used when you are too lazy to think of another word you cant remember.its a verb,adjective,anything practically that could make sense wit zerb,also a insult

hes such a Zerb!
why the zerb are u doin that
stop zerbing man
by SANI April 18, 2006
zerbin,also used "zerb",a word that defines any adjective that is an insult,any noun,and any other definitions,its a synonym to all swear words,such as fuck,bitch,shit,motherfucker ect..
guy:that guy luke is such a zerbin
guy2:i know!why in the zerbin did he do that?!
guy:i dont know,hes just a zerb
by SANI April 22, 2006

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