27 definitions by SAKURASAKU

Another word for kiss
Lets osculate, boyfriend!
by SakuraSaku October 22, 2006
A very tasty lolipop with gum contained wihin it
Comes in many different flavors
I gave my boyfriend a blow pop!
by SakuraSaku October 22, 2006
Means to get nervous
I saw the boy I liked and totally freaked.
by SakuraSaku October 20, 2006
To have messed up, to have made a mistake
I mucked up when I went after him.
by SakuraSaku May 11, 2009
A song by Madonna

"Hung Up" is a song by Madonna.
by SakuraSaku September 27, 2006
1. Crazy
2. Fruit
She's gone bananas.
Give me some bananas please.
Gwen Stefani: This shit is bananas.
by SakuraSaku June 02, 2007
A shithole
A hellhole
A place you dislike
A place you don't want to be
Sometimes school is so bad, I call it a heckhole.
by SakuraSaku January 11, 2008
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