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(v) The holding of a male mexican's "Frankie" in between a folded hankerchief and pouring mustard & relish across the shaft, then throat-fuck it to a fat cowgirl.
The large cowgirl: "I'm starving for hot dog!"

Mexican Juan: "Will a Fra-Hankie do?"
by SAG & SMG July 22, 2006
to hold a girls nose up like a pig then cum in her nose and fill it with ejaculation then whack her in the face 3 times and hold a pillow over her face and make her oink.
herby: " yo i fucked a fat chick last night!"
albert:" did you piggy penis whack her?!"
Herby:"yeah i said bitch oink or die!!!"
by SAG & SMG July 22, 2006

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