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carroll'd is any outcome in which the most probable/normal result is substituted for the exact opposite. not to be confused with murphy's law, carroll'd outcomes are never possible/probable variables and are of the most unfortunate/unlucky end of events.
you need to get a passport to go on a government paid buisness trip. The passport office looks at the passport and execpts it.at the last minute they find something wrong with yours. so you return to the office to make the correction but the one represinitive that handles passports is on vacation and will not return until the day after your schedueld departure date. so now you have to take a bus from country to country while everyone else on the base passports are fine and can fly to the next base in hours. additionaly they forgot to pack some items on the crates so they have you take it on the bus with you. now you dont have enough room for your items. so you leave your laptop becuase it will be damage where you have to store it. but when you arrive theres no tv, books in english or anything of entertaining value. so you spend the next two months stairing at the ceiling. and to top it off when you get back you find out that they made a mistake and your passport was fine all along. you have just been carroll'd.
by S.P.Wink May 05, 2009
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