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6 definitions by S.P.T

is the same as having it
we was havies all day
by S.P.T March 07, 2008
to tell someone to get off your swagger or your style
in school dis girl was all up in my face.So i told her to hop off my swag.
by s.p.t March 12, 2008
to tell someone to leave
i dont wana talk to you know more scadadel
by S.P.T March 07, 2008
a good time,very fun or hype
yo that party was chippen last night
by S.P.T March 07, 2008
Means Go away, leave me alone
If you wont go head some where
by S.P.T March 05, 2008
to fall or bust your ass doing something
he took an L when he tried to hop over the gate
by S.P.T March 07, 2008