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3 definitions by S.P. is my buddy

In the study of pharmacy, when a drug concentrates in the semen and is skeeted onto a women's face.
Bilbo baggins exskeeted 10% of his 200 mg dose of zidovudine onto julies face last night.
by S.P. is my buddy October 27, 2011
A term used to refer to a woman's breasts in a public setting, so that only you and your friends know you are checking out her fun bags.

They are called hotdog buns because you want to put your wiener between them.
A "gifted" woman walks by Bilbo and S.P.9, and Bilbo says "Damn look at those hotdog buns!"
by S.P. is my buddy November 03, 2011
when you shove turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, and cranberry sauce into a women's pussy to replicate a gobblerito fromthe restaurant Mad Mex.
I gave that hoe a gobblerito.
by S.P. is my buddy October 27, 2011