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Refers to someone who cannot keep their hands to themselves.
You wanna keep your hands to yourself, Touchy McToucherson?
by S.P. Sweeney July 10, 2008
An extremely painful, ill-meaning shocker applied to an innocent.
This girl had no idea how we do, ya know? I got her wasted,applied the vicious shocker and left her cold on the bus, G!
by S.P. Sweeney July 15, 2008
A securely closeted homosexual.
Dude... Are you wearing eye-liner? What are you an emo kid now?
by S.P. Sweeney July 15, 2008
1. Noun, A despicable human being devoid of an real moral fiber.

2. Verb, An insult, To treat someone or something as trash.
1. I was wholly wrong in the way I treated you, I've never felt like such a pimp.

2. You really pissed me off this time, I ought to pimp you to the garbageman!
by S.P. Sweeney July 16, 2008
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