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Carnival Folk. Can be easily distinguished from homo-sapiens by their lack of teeth, greasy never-washed mullet, bad posture and horrific smell. Can be found in their natural habitat at most Carnivals, Festivals and other Social events. Will shout as loud as humanly possible from their booth in the hopes that they will somehow convince you to give them money.
Scientific research has shown that Carnies share specific strands of DNA with that of the common bush rat. As such, their grotesque and disfigured appearance may be the result of a mixture of Rodent Genetics and the Bubonic Plague.
Matt: Damn these Carnies straight to hell! All they do is shout at you. I swear I saw one trying to proposition a small child away from its parents and into its booth, but it was scared away by the unholy smell.
#carnies #carnival #carnie #carnival folk #festival
by S.M.A.C June 19, 2007
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