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The leader of the new Harlem movement. A person with style and swagger too unique for some to appreciate. Original, smooth, and swift. Cam uses word play and metaphores that are too difficult to understand by the standards of some simple people. Many times Killa will take simple words and form complex lines that many are too slow to comprehend.
Aint no Ay B I owe you. Why b? that will get 'em up in I.C.U. Like I see you at the B.P. shot em off G.P. Gun from VA PA down to DC.DOA if you short on my "p" see. c-74 switched em over to PC Like Chuck D we the '06 P.E f@%k
me why I'm in the 06 GT. All about them g's B. We the BGs bird gang Dipset d.i.p. see like KRS 1 the great BDP. wanna join the crew then you must see me Flea -Cam'ron
by S.K.S August 04, 2006

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