1 definition by S.E.Z. who?

Combination of the slang terms nigga + hill billy= niggabilly
1. An ignorant whiteboy and/or redneck usually from the south eastern region of the United States, that while being racist agianst blacks, listens to black music ie; gangsta rap and hip hop and uses their slang.
2. Any white guy that trys to act like a black guy.
3. Any lieing, cheating, stealing white trash tweeker.
Refering to his friends new pickup truck a niggabilly would say: "Word Preston, your ride is pimp.....yo."
Chip pulls out his best niggabilly when hitting on chicks
That stupid niggabilly just tried to sell me the bike he stole from my cousins garage.
by S.E.Z. who? July 20, 2006

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