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West Seattle's premier sandy beach. A place for volleyball, long walks on the beach, bicycling, hanging out, cruising, Sunday driving, or getting ice cream or coffee.

People from all over come Seattle to peaceful Alki Beach in the picturesque town of West Seattle to pollute her beautiful shores with crime, loud music, trash, and bad attitudes.

During the winter months, and non weekends the beach is a wonderful family venue with prime real estate. Many multi-million dollar condos and homes grace Harbor Avenue and Alki Avenue, as well as Beach Drive.
The young family took a lovely stroll on Alki Beach one Sunday afternoon.


Yo dawg I went cruisin for some honeys on Alki Beach last night dawg, that shit was fo real.
by S.D. Keeler September 03, 2005
A small friendly town located on the Duwamish Penninsula. West Seattle is home to many middle and upper class people with white picket fences.

Famous for its Alki Beach, one of the few sandy beaches in Seattle.

Not to be confused with Delridge, or White Center, which are ghettos and should never be associated with West Seattle.
West Seattle is a small town and a suburb of Seattle.
by S.D. Keeler September 03, 2005

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