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When someone checks out your gluteal region of your body, also known as your butt.
Hey, that guy that just walked past you gave you a can check" or "that creeper totally just can checked you
by S.Bod February 09, 2011
The skin on the ballsack or when someone gets the chills and goosebumps appear. Both resemble the skin of a turkey.
Matt's balls were hanging out and you could see his turkey skin. I am pretty cold today...My arms look like turkey skin.
by S.Bod September 27, 2012
E.T. (The Extra Terrestrial) had a long neck and a large head. When someone stretches their neck and their head blocks your view.
"I can't see because you are E.T. Necking!"

As your friend looks out the window and says "Check out that girl over there!" and you cant see past his head because he is E.T. Necking and you miss the view.
by S.Bod September 27, 2012
A menstruating Vagina. When a woman is actively having her period and bleeding.
We were going to have sex last night but I wasn't interested in having sex with her blood box.
by S.Bod November 04, 2014

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