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1. Lifeless people who have nothing better to do than make their child miserable and isolate them from their friends

2. people who abuse children because the THINK that it will hlep them learn manner/behave

3. People who don't shut the hell up and annoy you throughout life. Though you wish they would just go away, they won't.

4. people who will not let you go anywhere because they like annoying the shit out of you
Me: I can't go to the park today.
Veronica: Why?
Me: Parent(s)
#annoying #boring #lifeless #horrible #dull #naggers
by S.B.C! January 16, 2009
People that piss you off and don't give a fuck about it.
12yr old girl: Dad? Can you sign this permission form so i can run in the ING?
dad: No.
12yr old girl: Why?
Dad: you might get raped
12yr old girl: I'm 12!
Dad: Too Bad
*girl walks away*
12yr old girl:(whispers under breath) Asshole
#bastard #parent(s) #sexist #faggot #meanie
by S.B.C! January 21, 2009
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