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2 definitions by S. Guardian Del

/tsa-lenj gey/

1. (adj.) to be completely consumed by greed, leading to excessively stupid acts like burning bridges, creating crappy products and preventing "sabotage" by deleting "rebellious" information.

2. (verb) to start projects that nobody gives a flying fuck about and ignore those that do matter

3. (noun) a company that used to gain revenue from providing excellent customer service and the ability to play for free, currently in a shitpile due to greed and keeping its players in the dark
1. That company went Challenge Games since they received venture capital.

2. Ugh, no updates today. But they Challenge Gamed some shit on Facebook.

3. Challenge Games <3 Norag Orcs.
by S. Guardian Del October 15, 2009
In MMA, a crucifix position held by a very fat person, as popularized by Roy "Big Country" Nelson.
I thought Roy Nelson was going for the crucifat, but damn that was an awesome KO.
by S. Guardian Del December 05, 2009