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Gackt (aka Gakuto, aka Camui Gackt, aka Gackt M.S. Camui) is an extremely well-known and much-admired Japanese pop/rock star. He claims to have been born on July 4, 1540; however, slightly more reliable sources indicate his birthdate is probably closer to July 4, 1973.

He was first a member (vocalist) of the band Cains:Feel. However, his popularity and charisma because apparent only after he became the lead vocal for the band Malice Mizer. He joined the band in late (October) of 1995. They enjoyed a successful career together until 1998, when the Gackt departed from the band. ((The other members are as follows: Mana (guitar and vocals), Kozi (guitar and vocals), Tetsu (vocals), Yu~ki (bass), Kami (drums). )) There are several different reasons given as to why Gackt left the group, including that the rest of the band asked that he leave, despite his wishes to stay with them.

After leaving Malice Mizer, Gackt embarked upon a very successful solo career. He has written stories, starred in movies (most notably the film <i>Moonchild</i>, in which he acted alongside Hyde of L'arc~en~Ciel fame.), designed clothing, done work on a video game (Bujingai), and opening a restaurant. He also defeated Matsumoto of the group Downtown in a game of pool on the pop culture show "Hey Hey Hey!" and became the King of Billiards.
Once, Gackt claimed 'Banana Fish' to be one of his favorite mangas.
by S. Chopstick January 04, 2005
To have lost one's sanity; to have been broken under intense pressure mentally.
The murderer finally snapped and confessed after the interrogator drilled him with questions for over twelve hours.
by S. Chopstick January 04, 2005
A term used to describe an obviously Photoshopped or otherwise altered picture. It was coined by the journalfen.net user shinigami_co, and is still in rampant use. It appears to a permanent fixture in the Internet's vocabulary.
"Geez, this picture of a she-male Hilary Duff is so obviously of MY HED IZ PASTEDE ON YAY calibur."
by S. Chopstick January 04, 2005
1. One who is fucking Japan's culture in the ass by overusage of terms such as "kawaii," excessive worshipping of Dragon Ball Z/GT, and honest shock when he/she discovers that not all Japanese people are ga-ga over anime.
(syn.: DBZluvah, animegurrrl093452, iwuvbishunen19, kuramasgrl4eva, InUyAsHaBoY, repeat pattern ad nauseum )
"lol, did you see teh kawaii bishounen in InuYasha last night?!!?!11" "Shut up, Japanfag."
by S. Chopstick January 04, 2005

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