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3 definitions by S-dogg

Covered with diamonds/platinum/other sparkly and valuable materials.
He be all iced out, yo.
by S-Dogg August 21, 2003
A word often repeated by naked Russian men as they dance to the theme from Mortal Kombat.
Gladiada, gladiada, gladiada, gladiada...
by s-dogg May 05, 2014
A freeloader who lives off the hard work of others, often inhabits another person's home and makes himself very difficult remove;
"Have you fed the DiscoFever? Or are we going to kick him out today?" "We tried that already remember, he said he'd cry anal rape if we kicked him out, and he's got the arsehole to prove it." "Shit."
by S-dogg March 21, 2003