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One who travels from show to show with no money and sometimes, not all wooks, steal food, beer, whiskey, drugs, or anything they can trade for them. the wookie usaully stinks like ten year old funk and often have the same dirty clothes on since the last time you saw them. Evil wookies often sell fake drugs to support the free spirited lifestyle they live.
Did you see those wookies passed out on the trail
#hippie #hippies #lot kids #wooks #dirty hippies #swamp monsters
by S the hippie October 14, 2007
A state of mind after hours of psychedelic drugs use usually referred to when eating LSD but can also is applied to Psilocybin use.
"I was so spun out by the time bobbie came on"
#mushrooms #boomers #doses #jellies #blotter
by S the hippie October 14, 2007
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