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4 definitions by S From Hell fearer

Nickname for the creepy logo used by Screen Gems. Characterized by a weird red 'S' forming on a yellow background, with creepy synthesized music. Can be seen at the end of Bewitched or Jeannie.
I have nightmares about the S From Hell.
by S From Hell Fearer December 19, 2003
Brought us the S From Hell. Also known as Scream Gems
Oh god, it's Screen Gems and their evil "S"! RUN!!
by S From Hell fearer March 13, 2004
Another nickname for the Screen Gems S From Hell
The Filmstrip S gives me the heebie-jeebies.
by S From Hell fearer June 18, 2004
A very scary closing logo
by S From Hell fearer February 18, 2004