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86 definitions by S

a small and hiigh quality supermarket in the UK
by s November 02, 2003
You make me want to be a better man..
by s September 14, 2003
a tank top with a bra built in it
That tank top is a tanky.
by s May 26, 2003
Laughing out Zestfully Loud; which is derived from the original: LOL
Nick lozled as he flicked a straw full of soda at Steve's face.
by S December 22, 2004
the best pgn formal date ever
gosh, i really love that selah girl - she'd make a great date to formal AND FRIEND
by s March 17, 2004
When you are about to cum after doing a girl in the anus, so you spit on her back, she turns around, you spit in her face, then you spit in her butt-hole, then finally you cum on whoever is behind you.
Jake was mad when i cummed on his shoes after the triple fake-out.
by s December 23, 2004
A penis, schlong, anything relating to a male's... organ.
He had a 7' penis, in other words, a 7 inch toob.
by S October 13, 2004