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To cum on someone, in something, etc
He went badoosh all over my pants!
by s March 31, 2004
the best pgn formal date ever
gosh, i really love that selah girl - she'd make a great date to formal AND FRIEND
by s March 17, 2004
to forget, to reject an offer
fer' that shit.
by S August 22, 2003
a really great buzz. when things are going really great
"you're wreckin' me animal buzz, man!"
by s March 30, 2004
A cute little girlfriend;derived from the word muah meaning to kiss;the male version is buah
I love my guah!
by s November 11, 2003
a tank top with a bra built in it
That tank top is a tanky.
by s May 26, 2003
a secret organization of kick-ass people. members share a nice bond. see tpb.
man #1 (trevor): what the fuck is the loverhood?

secret member: fuck off!
by s February 19, 2005

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