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86 definitions by S

A cute little girlfriend;derived from the word muah meaning to kiss;the male version is buah
I love my guah!
by s November 11, 2003
7 9
to forget, to reject an offer
fer' that shit.
by S August 22, 2003
16 18
a really great buzz. when things are going really great
"you're wreckin' me animal buzz, man!"
by s March 30, 2004
7 11
a male named nate who constantly sends his friends hyperlinks to the Urban Dictionary and any picture he finds containing fecal matter.
"Nate Woodward is a Nasty Nate"
by s March 12, 2003
10 14
a secret organization of kick-ass people. members share a nice bond. see tpb.
man #1 (trevor): what the fuck is the loverhood?

secret member: fuck off!
by s February 19, 2005
1 6
type of pot from Mexico, pretty damn good for being Mexican chronic
nesecito mas sensomilla mi amigo
by S November 07, 2004
1 6