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to holla at a girl
to talk to a girl
yo she cute as shit i'm bout to go crack on her
by S May 05, 2003
Of exceptional size or quantity; enormous, gigantic
Brian Curran has a magoondo penis. I swear it goes down to his knees.
by s March 05, 2005
1. Staple product of Vietnamese people.

2. Cause of bad breathe.
Vietnamese people cannot eat anything without fish sauce.
by S March 16, 2004
My husband... seriously, the guy who calls himself LANkrypt0 is my husband.
LANkrypt0 and I were married on August 18, 2002
by S January 16, 2004
probably the greatest mobile phone on the market.
"Say Jimmy whats that game you playin' on your nokia? Snake 2? nice.... I'm just playing DOOM on my SPV..."
by S April 02, 2003
We were so ripped afetr the party
by s September 14, 2003
a spammy mod for quake 3 where unskilled newbies constantly hold down the fire key in the hopes of increasing their score ratio.
so you think you can rail me at 3wave huh?
by S March 04, 2003
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