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86 definitions by S

The middle of nowhere, back of beyond. A place where a no-name nobody (e.g a journeyman golf pro)lives.
As soon as Jerry Kelly has worked that flukey streak out of his system, he'll be going back to Palookaville where he belongs.
by S April 26, 2004
24 8
coming from the word "owned", and added to the name of Sylvester Stallone. Often used by movie buffs.
"His ass got stallown3d in that shooting game"
by S November 11, 2004
27 14
It is a mix of an armenian and an Italian.
That Italiarmo is hot!
by S September 01, 2004
27 14
Really bad diarrhea.
I think I had some bad sushi.I had major explosive last night.
by s August 22, 2005
41 29
Synonym for a prepubescent youth.
Wow, that kid sure is a DiscoJoey
by s January 09, 2005
19 10
A person who loves Subaru very much.
"I love you always and forever Subaru"
said Tsukasa.
by s January 28, 2005
24 16
A pikey is someone who comes into my shop and steals a shed load of champagne by just walking in...taking it....then fucking off. You chase them and they threaten you with the bottle...fuck I hate pikeys
I'm a pikey...Im a pikey...what pikey am I?
by S October 05, 2003
24 16