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it's "godspeed you! black emperor"
Godspeed you! black emperor
by s January 06, 2004
an informal agreement for people to get together at a subsequent time
Why don't we each do what we need to do now; we'll hook up later.
by s July 25, 2003
Publishing slang for 'paragraph'.
(Repeating story to add dropped subscriber number in fourth graf)
by S March 09, 2005
part of shrooms
eat these caps
by s September 08, 2003
when someone thinks they are the best thing that ever happened, when in reality they are horribly mistaken.
he swears he's god's gift to women.
by s March 02, 2005
1. In ancient mythology: the queen of all demons and first woman before Eve, expelled from Eden for not sleeping under Adam. She was the first succubi, a killer of newborn babies and seducer of sleeping men.

2. Anime: A succubus, last name Aensland.

3. On IRC and various online games: a bisexual, bitchy dominatrix who owns everyone with her sharp, witty and often very sexual comments. Also well known for verbally thrashing attention whores.
1. It wasn't a wet dream, it was Lilith.

2. Check it out, man! More Lilith hentai!

3. <~ruder> Lilith comes out of nowhere to put the boyz in their places.
by S April 16, 2005
The true form of all gods of al lreligions, includign athiests.
Wow dude, i was so happy when i was prayign to Sebi last night.
by s January 22, 2004

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