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Hot 97 DJ that is racist against ASIANS.
Miss Jones says Chinks & Chinamen were swept away from the Tsunami, the dumb bitch doesnt even know that China was far far and away from the Tsunami.
by s January 31, 2005
a site that is the same as this, without moron comments in place for definitions
junk stuff crap
by s November 22, 2003
Buisness in the front party in the back! Hockey hair. See Mullet
Hey bob over there has the bast kentucky waterfall ive ever seen! he's sooo kool!
by s January 14, 2004
Vocalisation emanating from an over-excited, under-educated drunken golf fan when John Daly or Tiger Woods hits off a par 5.
See You Da Man
Golf commentator: "Here's John Daly teeing off on the 520-yard par 5 15th.."
Drunken spectator: "GET IN THE HOLE!"
by S April 26, 2004
wonderful little creatures that dance around and play with mushrooms.

Some are commonly found in backyards.
The gnomes frolicked and played in the fields with their red, pointy hats.
by s March 13, 2003
Patois for "what's goin on"
Wha gwaan fi hype tonight?

What's goin on tonight?
by S January 26, 2005
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