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friends that one gets just to be at their funeral
Bob wasn't very well liked but he got mad funeral friends before he died.
by Sánchez February 24, 2005
similar to blast a dookie, this word refers to urinating instead of excreting solid waste
Open up, slut, I gotta blast a urine!
by Sánchez February 20, 2005
when small beach objects are embedded in your testicles after vacationing at the beach

usually discovered during showering and can be also located on the dick
pain inflicted during removal of objects
Screams were heard throughout the country as Billy attempted to rid himself of shelly balls.
by Sánchez February 20, 2005
used to describe an action or event that is so insane in a good way that makes you want to just whip it out and whack in a frantic fury

refer to cumtastic
Did you see those hot chicks makin out?! That was definitely jacktastic!

I love Ash's chesticles! Them thangs def be jacktastic.
by Sánchez February 20, 2005
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