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A wierd looking, but somehow tasty, snack u get at a chinese resturaunt after ur meal, that whatever it says on there, you should add "in bed" at the very end of it
me:"hey mom, whats your fortune cookie say?"
mom:"you will live life a happy man....in bed"
me:"OMG LOL"
(this really happened! But I had to add the "in bed" part to make it go along with the definition)
by Ryuman757 May 17, 2008
Not a very known site like "myspace", but in my opinion, its the same, but with games, and not much rape.
"omg, dude, I just got an account on gaia online!"
"wtf is that?"
"Its like myspace, but better!"
"wtf is myspace?"
by Ryuman757 May 17, 2008

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