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Republika is a group of revolutionaries from Montegrad who talk about the revolution and civil war that are currently going on in Canada.
"Nothing has changed but everything is different"

"The War has already begun.. it just hasn't reached your neighbourhood yet"
by Ryszard December 27, 2003
Montegrad is a city in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

The people from republika invented this word to refer to the city of Montreal.

The word has references to revolution, government take-over, declarations of independence, civil war and cool stuff..
The word Montreal connotes postcard pictures of places with sunshine and tourists.. not cool..
by Ryszard December 26, 2003
"Optimism is the opium of the masses.
Pessimism is the pesticide of society." - Ken Muslimvoic
I guess he meant that hope gives the masses fake illusions in the way things are.. and negative pessimism and mistrust in society weeds out "social agitators" and keeps them from doing anything.
by Ryszard November 13, 2003

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